{Moments of grace…}

I celebrated my 38th birthday, 38 glorious years, 38 years I have been given the opportunity to do good with all that God has blessed me with!

Grace filled moments from my week ~

Remembering that today (the 19th) is not only filled with sorrow of memories of the Oklahoma tragedy, but also the day I was born to do God’s will

Birthday dinner (a day early) of tacos (with deer meat), the best mexican rice ever, and angel food cake

Sharing my dinner with family

Making a chocolate cake for myself on my birthday because the 6yr old wanted me to have more cake since today was actually my birthday

Driveway visits

Kids taking lots of time to see how many balls they could fit in the basketball goal

“Not all ideas are good ideas” ~ quotes to be heard again from neighbors

Birthday callsĀ  from nieces and nephews that include “may the dear Lord bless you Cha Cha Cha”

Birthday texts, facebook notes, and phone calls from people I feel so incredibly blessed to call friends and family

Visits about modesty

A beautiful old rosary from a dear friend

Spending my days with children

Planning out first grade for my son ~ first grade ~ are you kidding me??? These parenting days go so fast

Sushi with my daughter

Sharing my moments of grace with the ladies over at Suscipio

Grace is given not because we have done good works, but in order that we may be able to do them. ~St. Augustine

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One thought on “{Moments of grace…}

  1. Marcie…you list is so long and beautiful!! How many graces you have be given. Happy belated birthday. I am so glad you are part of Suscipio.

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