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Rainbow Kale Slaw with Smoked Ribs

My goal to make two posts a week did not happen. Obviously. But let’s give it another whirl! I wish that I could blame it on something grand happening and that is why I didn’t get anything posted. You know, if hypothetically we had discovered a frozen pipe outback and had to spend the day in single-digit weather trying to thaw the pipe. Then, if somehow, our efforts to thaw.. Read More

Easy Homemade Applesauce

Apple-apple-applesauce! Fall is here! Okay well that may not be completely true, but I am ready! And apparently the tree outside my kitchen window is ready too! That makes two of us, and I’m going to take that as a win! All of the kids in the neighborhood started back to school this week. I have been out of school for years now and I have no kids. My schedule.. Read More

Watermelon, Peach, and Mint Salad

The dog days of summer have arrived and everyone is trying to catch a break! We just came out of a week long Excessive Heat Warning. When I originally checked the 10-day forecast and saw that KC area had an Excessive Heat Warning for an entire week I thought that it was mistake. How could it be that hot for that long? After all, Kansas is no tropical oasis. But.. Read More

Cucumber Salmon Bites

Cucumber Salmon Bite in a sea of blackberries

Sometimes the best things in life are complete accidents. And sometimes, when random inspiration hits at the exact same time, amazing things come to be. That is exactly what happened the day I dreamed up these cucumber salmon bites! Everything came together at just the right moment in time to make for a delicious lunch. We had been having a spell of bad luck with things in the house, so.. Read More

Fresh Picked Asparagus with Honey Mustard Sauce

Oh my goodness! I just discovered that there is a farm not even 45 minutes from our house where you can go and pick your own vegetables! Right now it is the end of asparagus season, but soon it will be time for peas and beans. I don’t know how many of you have ever seen asparagus out in the “wild”, but it is one of the craziest things. You.. Read More