Taking Thyme

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Special K Bars

Special K Bars are a Christmas staple that started with my Grandma. They sweet, crunchy, and ooey gooey delicious. Plus, so easy to make that you have no excuse not to try them! I skipped with white karo and used a homemade simple syrup. I also substituted in Enjoy Life Foods chocolate chips to minimize the amount of dairy in them. Taking Thyme Special K BarsA crunchy chocolate and butterscotch.. Read More

Goodie Goodie Nut Bars

These Goodie Goodie Nut Bars will change your life. They are everything that is delicious and good in the world. They have been a part of Christmas tradition in my family for as long as I can remember. My grandma used to make them with peanut butter and salted peanuts, but of course I had to change that. She also called them Nut Goodie Bars, but in my mind they.. Read More

I’m Back!

Hey all! Guess who’s back?! Back again. Amanda’s back. Tell a friend. Guess who’s back, guess who’s back, guess who’s back… No? No takers on some classic Eminem to start your day? I can’t say that I really blame you. I know I have been gone for a little while — almost 4 months, but who is really counting! So much life has happened in those 4 months. It has.. Read More

Fig and Kale Salad With a Balsamic Reduction

It’s fig season! Fig season! Fig. Season. I hope that you are equally as excited about this news as I am! Figs are one of my favorite fruits. I anxiously await this time each summer and then eat as many as possible before I am forced back to the selection of dried figs in the bulk bins.