It’s that time of year… The birds are chirping, trees are flowering, tulips are in full bloom and garden haulgrass is starting to turn green! That can only mean one thing – time to plan the garden! Last summer we put in our first Kansas garden. What started out as a fun project, turned into a full on war with Kansan critters. Even though we have a 60-lb dog, the little creatures were fearless! Attacking in the night as our best line of defense lay sound asleep indoors. It started out in good humor. One day we would have a beautiful line of tiny green beans popping up, the next day they would be gone. One by one each stem of the basil plant fell like trees in the forest. But attack the beets?! Oh no they didn’t! Things had gone too far and it got personal. We spent the rest of the summer nurturing our giant sized tomato and pepper plants to yield a pretty good haul.

Which brings us to now. This year we are moving into our very own house! That’s right. We bought a house! It seems like the actual buying of the house was forever ago, and somehow we still have 1 month to go until we close and move in. I dream of the days when I can paint a wall any color I want without having to ask anyone’s permission first. Well, okay, maybe I have to ask Tyson first, but I’ll take it! Since we won’t have a yard for awhile, we went for a potted garden this year. Nothing like the spread we (started) last year with, but it’ll do. We got your herbs and we got your peppers – all the essentials! I can’t wait to add fresh herbs and peppers to our food!