My goal to make two posts a week did not happen. Obviously. But let’s give it another whirl! I wish that I could blame it on something grand happening and that is why I didn’t get anything posted.

You know, if hypothetically we had discovered a frozen pipe outback and had to spend the day in single-digit weather trying to thaw the pipe. Then, if somehow, our efforts to thaw the pipe blew the electric to half of our house and we had to figure out how to restore the power. Just  hypothetically, that would have been a really great reason to have not posted anything this past week. Unfortunately, that only accounts for my time spent Sunday and not the other six days.

Last night, with all of our lights on, we had delicious rainbow kale slaw from Just A Pinch and smoked ribs. To be honest with you, I’m not sure why this is dubbed a “slaw”. It definitely is not what you traditionally think of when you hear that word. There is nothing creamy in it and it is much lighter then a normal coleslaw. I’d consider it more of a citrus vinaigrette.
Normally I’m not the most avid salad eater during the winter. However, I have a few that make it onto the exception list and this rainbow kale slaw is definitely one of them!rainbow-kale-slaw

The sweet juice from the oranges pair wonderfully with the tang of the mustard and vinegar to make an all around great dish. I didn’t have orange juice handy so I juice
d an orange for the dressing. This left me with about two times more juice then the recipe called for, but I really liked it in the dressing.

I made the salad an hour or so before the ribs were done to let all of the flavors mix together and soak into the kale leaves. If you are like me and try to get your meals for the week ready during the weekend, you can make this ahead of time and store the veggies and the dressing separate. Once mixed together, eat it within two days.

Click here to get the Rainbow Kale Slaw recipe from Just A Pinch here!plated-rainbow-kale-slaw

I also have to give a shout out to Tyson. He got a smoker back in September for his birthday and uses it every week. We’ve tried everything from salmon to burgers to brisket.

This week he decided to smoke ribs on a 20-degree day. They were delicious! He makes his own rub and I love it! I have learned why people in KC always argue over the burnt ends. In our house there is no argument, I just grab them when he isn’t looking.

Stay tuned for cookies! Because is it really Christmas if you don’t have more cookie varieties then there are people in the house?! It definitely is not!