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Fail Proof Granola!

Granola is one of my favorite things to make. Like seriously. I am excited when I talk about making it. I anxiously stare at the container wishing it to empty so I can make more. Okay, I may not go quite that far. But I definitely do my part in eating it so that I can make more. That’s almost the same thing, right? There is something so therapeutic about.. Read More

Banana Bran Muffins

We’ve all had that moment where we walk into the kitchen and immediately get over powered by the smell of over-the-top-too-ripe bananas. For me, I think a banana is past its prime at the appearance of the first brown speck. After a short window of optimal ripeness, it turns into a waiting game to find the perfect balance of too ripe, but not too too ripe. Waiting for the day.. Read More